Custom lunch items are great for all ages! They make great gifts and prizes and come in many fashionable options for prospective retail sellers. Lunch products help users enjoy their meals more easily and encourage saving and healthy living. Find out what branded lunch products you can consider ordering and why they’re so practical!


The most significant benefit of insulated lunch bags is that they maintain food temperature. They not only keep food fresh, but they also retain texture so food doesn’t get too soft or hard before lunch time. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to lunch and finding that it doesn’t taste as great as it should because it sat too long or was jostled around during your morning commute.

Insulated lunch bags are also great for keeping your food contents intact. Many models have zippered pockets and various compartments that are sturdy and keep the content safe and separated so that food or sauce won’t spill everywhere. The best part is that insulated lunch bags come in a ton of shapes and sizes to suit your style and function needs.

Insulated lunch bags are also a great option for companies and consumers who like to be environmentally conscious. This in itself is a unique and sensitive feature that can attract more people to your brand. Lunch bags are also a universal product option when they’re fashionable and functional. They’re great for reuse for more than just work and school lunches – they’re great for road trips, picnics, parties, etc.


Lunch containers perform well on their own, but are awesome to pair with bags and/or utensils too. Containers come in different shapes and colours and offer different functions based on what your market needs. Plastic containers offer lots of compartments and separation which are great for meal prepping food with different textures or moisture. Some offer various layers as well! Glass containers are great for keeping food really cold or for warming them up quickly. Other containers come with additions like utensils or cutting boards to offer more than one function. Insulated containers are great for keeping food hot when microwaves are not available. Lunch containers are a great option to offer as an attempt to promote healthy living. Lunch containers encourage meal preparation that can lead to healthier eating habits and saving money!


Utensils are the icing on top of the cake! They are perfect for people always on the go and looking to keep handy items on them at all times. The utensils we’ve listed above include typical cutlery for general eating as well as straw options (some of which are multi functional). Reusable utensils come in many shapes and colours depending on how durable or low profile you want them. All of the above options are incredibly compact and great for throwing in any personal bag. Utensils are awesome to have on hand for traveling beyond work and school when you’re not looking to search endlessly for tableware and need it in a pinch! Reusable utensils help consumers be more environmentally friendly and are cost effective when you consider their long lifetime even with habitual usage.

In Summary

Personalized lunch items not only encourage healthy living but also passively promote your brand wherever lunch – or life – takes your consumers. Practically all of the options listed above allow for universal use and are budget-friendly for you and your end users. Now that you’re inspired to put your employees, customers, and everyone in between on the right track, it’s time to place your order! Rogue Star is Edmonton based and ready to offer up our amazing reps to get your lunch item order started. We can even ship your order to you whether you’re local or elsewhere in Alberta. Give us a call to get your order started!