Brands establish themselves not just with how good their product is and how adequate their services are, but also with unique marketing efforts that set them apart. Businesses need to place their branding cleverly, so what better way to do that than on a garment that typically goes unnoticed?

A great option to solve this is with custom printed socks. Socks are usually bland and rarely attract the eye, but with a custom design they’re sure to switch up the game! Everyone is printing shirts but doing what everyone does makes you part of the herd. Let us show you why standing out on your soles will be well worth it!


Face it – we all wear socks, and this is window of opportunity for any brand to jump into. Socks don’t just have to have the base function of wicking away moisture. They can also provide additional comfort during different activities and weather conditions.


Socks can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be made warm and fluffy for the cold winter months or thin and breathable for game days. Socks come in many cuts like ankle, knee high, and no show. They can also be made from different kinds of fabric depending on their purpose – Sherpa lined, cotton based, or a blend depending one level of activity.

Socks are also versatile in their ability to suit different events and purposes. They’re great for fundraisers, trade shows, giveaways, appreciation, and marathons.


Wacky socks are sure to catch attention when all anyone sees are boring, lightly soiled white ankle socks. Throwing around some colours, pictures, and different heights is a way to mix things up and get a conversation started. Socks can pop from your ankles subtly or become the statement piece of an outfit. Most importantly, coloured socks seem flat out silly at times, but they sure do brighten up people’s moods and outfits. Every time the socks catch someone’s eye, they’ll be reminded of your branding and that’s better recognition for you!

The socks can be used as giveaways for promotional events, part of a uniform, or even as merchandise for your brand. Socks are underutilized, but cost-effective and we should all be taking advantage. Wanna spice up your sports team swag or employee gifts? Add some sock value to your promotional products and give us a call to get your custom sock order started! We have designers and reps at the ready so you can get the most out of your order. Edmonton based or not, we’ll make it our sole effort to get your amazing looking socks shipped to where you need!