Since spring 2020, all forms of marketing, branding, and self expression have adjusted drastically to accommodate changing economies, social interactions, and other day to day activities. Make no mistake that marketing must be catered to fit our new normal, so we’re here to present you with some handy promotional items that you can customize to suit the pursuit of a healthier and safer lifestyle.

Let’s start with the obvious: sanitizers and masks.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must anywhere you go these days. Thankfully, stock is stabilizing, which means that you have a variety of shape and function options. Choose from sprays, caps, and clips to suit your audience, intended activities, and branding. Hand sanitizer is a perfect giveaway or inexpensive merch item to offer your audience and it comes in handy!

Above you’ll find a tech-based product for sanitizing. UV sanitizing products can be effective in sanitizing various items. The one we have featured today also doubles as a wireless phone charger!

Face Masks

Face coverings are becoming mandatory in many cities, but everyone has different fashion and comfort preferences. Masks aren’t a one size fits all product (in a fit preference sense), so we’ve presented you with various options that range in price, style, and fit. Our first option is the most affordable and disposable and hugs the face for a secure fit. Our second option has multiple tying options and features a soft, comfortable material. Our third option has the highest price point but offers a stretchy sports material and pocket for an optional filter. Mask options are not limited to these three styles, but we think you’ll find that they offer a nice variety base.

Above you’ll see that protection isn’t always so personal. Many businesses opt to use sneeze guards instead of masks to create employee-customer barriers. Why not make marketing use of these surfaces by decorating them with informative or branded decals?


Portability and easy accessibility are key as we all try to make our public outings are short as possible. Keychains are a fool proof way to remember to bring important items around with you wherever it is you may travel. An ingenious way to use keychains is to utilize them for bring some of your health and safety items with you. Two great ideas for branded keychain options are no contact utility tools and pouches can hold and protect fresh masks. No contact tools can reduce physical contact with day to day items and are easy to sanitize. Various pouches can be branded, repurposed, and washed easily so you never forget to leave home without a mask.


Other useful items that are worth mentioning and branding are single use cleaning wipes for on the go cleaning, mesh laundry bags for mask washing, social distancing decals for brick and mortar locations, and kits with a combination of some of the items mentioned above!

Promotional products can still play a part just as they used to – we just have to adjust our strategies and choices accordingly. Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of knowledgeable reps who can help you with all your custom promotional product needs with our services in design, digital printing, screen printing, and sourcing promotional products to best suit your needs. We will have you prepped and ready to rock our bubble wrapped world! We happily serve and ship province wide to meet your needs. Give us a call now – we are ready and excited to kick start your order!