Neck gaiters are one of the greatest versatile garments/accessories! They are fantastic to use in extreme weather conditions, during outdoor sports, on construction sites, in warehouses, or wherever else they come in handy! Right now, they can also come in handy to use in public as a face covering.



What Are They?

What the heck even is a neck gaiter? They are stretchy, tube shaped garments that can be worn several ways and for so many different purposes and they can also be stylish enough to wear for an everyday look! The most popular way to wear one is around your head and/or neck. Keep yourself protected from the elements and from crowds during these crazy times! Lightweight versions help shade you from the sun and wick away sweat and lined versions help cut the windy cold to keep your neck, head, and face warm!



For the last few months, neck gaiters have been one of several alternatives for face coverings being worn in public to prevent the spread of infections. To utilize a neck gaiter as a face covering, simply pull over the nose and let it rest beneath your ears/on your neck. This is a perfect option for quickly covering or uncovering your face and for giving your ears a break from uncomfortable loops and the fabric is stretchy enough to sit comfortably and stay in place on your nose. Neck gaiters are designed to be breathable, convenient, and comfortable which is exactly what we all need in these crazy times!


It’s hard to find something as versatile as a neck gaiter, so that’s why you should hop on ordering some ASAP! They are useful, protective, comfortable, and stylish. Not sure where to start? No sweat! One of our team members would be happy to help you out through your ordering and designing process so you can get the best protection possible! We hope you’ve found some inspiration for decorated face masks. We’re happy to help you make your face covering visions into a reality so you can get back onto the street safely and stylishly. Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of knowledgeable reps who can help you with all your custom promotional product needs with our services in design, digital printing, screen printing, and sourcing promotional products to best suit your needs. We will have you prepped and ready to rock our bubble wrapped world! We happily serve and ship province wide to meet your needs. Give us a call now – we are ready and excited to kick start your order!