Deciding on the perfect promotional giveaway has never been an easy task. Almost anything and everything can be used as a promotional product. But your audience, the way the product is designed, and how the marketing strategy is executed is what really matters – do it right and the item can really make your business stand out!

So why not consider custom mini hockey sticks? In Canada, there is no doubt that hockey is a very popular game, and many people love the sport… even if you don’t play hockey – chances are someone you know does! It is no surprise then, a custom mini hockey stick can be a popular promotional item, which makes it a perfect giveaway targeted at a broad range of people.

Structure and Materials

Custom mini hockey sticks are available in different styles and sizes. The most common sizes are 17”, 19” and 24”. They can be made from wood, plastic, or steel; an added advantage since businesses can then choose to use the most economical material to suit their business.

Cost of production

A high-quality hockey regular size stick for playing the game costs a couple hundred dollars. So giving away game quality hockey sticks might prove uneconomical and unsustainable. Custom mini hockey sticks, on the other hand, are quite cheap to produce and customize. As replicas of the real hockey sticks, the materials used don’t have to be expensive or high quality. However, it should also be noted that a very poor quality mini hockey stick would defeat the whole purpose and could damage the reputation of your business.


Custom mini hockey sticks are quite easy to brand and customize. Just like custom t-shirts and golf balls, it is quite simple to add your logo and design and completely customize the mini hockey sticks with company colours and even a business slogan. The customizing can also be done in different styles, whether branding the whole mini hockey stick, one side only or on the blade only depending on the users’ brand, tastes and preferences.


Custom mini hockey sticks are perfect giveaways that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Mini hockey sticks can be used by children for playing hockey with friends and family and practicing their net skills. They can be hung on the wall as souvenirs or given as awards to hockey teams and hockey fans alike. They are also suitable for wedding favours, birthday gifts and anniversary gifts.

Give the sticks on their own, or even include some branded hockey pucks as part of a hockey package or gift set.

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