The most popular sport in Canada with over 1.5 million players*, golf is played by people of all ages and walks of life. It’s a great way to relax, get some physical exercise and fresh air.  Popularity of the sport alone can makes branded golf balls an effective gift for most customers – but are they the right promotional product for your business? Find out below:

  • Easy to brand-

    Golf balls come in a wide variety of colours and brands such as Callaway, Titleist, Wilson and more. It’s easy to imprint your logo or design onto these balls, or customize with a photo , date and name. There are a variety of options in displaying or packaging these too: individually in a branded box or sleeve, in a multi-box, or with additional golf equipment such as tees and markers. Discover some of the many options here. 

  • Popular –

    With so many Canadians playing golf, chances are that your customers play, or are close to someone who does. Design the ball well and even customers who don’t play golf will be happy to display it or keep it as a souvenir. Or they may pass it to a friend or family member who does play golf, effectively extending your brand further! Golf balls are also a popular wedding favour used by the many brides and grooms who have their weddings in a golf course setting.

  • Useful –

    Many promotional items aren’t practical and so are quickly disposed of, or thrown in a closet, after the customer takes them home, however a well designed and easy to distinguish ball is an item a golfer and will cherish and reuse many times.

  • Low cost-

    There is always the need to balance cost and effective marketing. You want the most effective and quality promotional item for the lowest cost. Golf balls are a low cost item to buy in bulk – and branding and packaging them is quite cheap as well. This makes the whole process cost effective compared to other promotional products.

  • Light and small –

    Golf balls are small and lightweight compared to many promotional items making them easy  and low cost to package and mail. They can easily fit into a gift bag, welcome package or mailer making it easy to distribute them to your customers.


Golf balls are ideal promotional products for many businesses. They also serve the purpose well and there is no doubt that the companies will find value for their money. Remember though; businesses should always consider their target audiences before offering golf balls as promotional gifts and design the balls accordingly.


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