Make It Your Own.

It’s your team. Your company. Your style. Make your apparel your own with custom designs expertly rendered by our graphic artists. We can help you put your own individual spin on a hoody, build up your brand with beautiful new logo, or make that team jersey pop! If you can think of it, Rogue Star can make it happen.

Rogue Star has your success in mind. There are a lot of people out there who are highly visual, and if you want to make that mark in their minds, having the right shirt to speak for you will do the trick. Our custom shirt design service is the perfect choice for you if you are into visually attractive prints that are easily recognizable. We know what it takes to bring your designs to life, and we can work hand in hand to ensure that you have the best designs that are sure to turn the heads of those who will see it. You can show us your designs and we can help you decide on the best kind of printing method to achieve the design idea you have in mind. May it be for a single shirt or a hundred, we can come up with the best and most consistent shirt designs for you.

Do you have a t-shirt design idea you’ve been itching to have printed on your favorite shirt? Perhaps you’ve been creating your very own design and would like to flaunt your work on the shirt you’re wearing. Whatever it is, you can trust that Rogue Star can deliver the results you need. We are experts in the latest t-shirt printing methods and whatever print it is that your shirt design needs, you can rest assured that we can achieve it for you. You can also choose to work on our Design Studio where you can upload your artwork or use some of our free clip arts as your springboard for your own shirt design! We can offer you complete control over how your design would look like with hundreds of fonts and design options at the tip of your fingers so you can get the perfect shirt design.

Apart from printing on shirts, you can also use our Design Studio to come up with designs that you can print on other promotional items such as caps. You can upload your own artwork or company logo and add text in hundreds of different fonts when you use our user-friendly Design Studio. You’ll have complete control over your design such as sizing, position, rotation, skewing and more to achieve the best print on your chosen item. We can print in all the colors you want and you can achieve the look on your design exactly as you would want it to reflect on your shirt. From small designs to even grander and more complicated artwork, you can trust that Rogue Star can come up with the prints you have in mind. The quality of your prints won’t have to suffer because we use the latest printing techniques!

Is the design you have in mind something that requires a whole range of colors? Are you worried about overlapping colors that would look strange once printed on the shirt? You don’t have to be concerned about such things when you choose our services. We make use of the latest printing techniques to make sure that your logo and pictures are exactly as they look like while you’re editing them in our Design Studio. Your design will only be limited by your creativity, and when you are ready, all you have to do is give us the go signal and we can bring your designs to life. Whether you want to print pictures, text, or logos and other graphics, Rogue Star can achieve it for you in superior quality and vivid final products that are meant to last.

Sports shirts, team shirts, organization shirts—name it. We can print it. from small logos to more eye-catching full-shirt designs, Rogue Star can take care of your printing needs. We can offer you access to our Design Studio to make your designs even better. With the latest shirt-printing techniques, the shirt design of your choice will look exactly as you imagine it would! Our shirt printing techniques are the best, and whether you need to print just one shirt or a hundred, we can offer you consistency and unmatched quality. You can have simple black and white designs or loud-colored prints and you can sit back and let us do the work for you. We can achieve the prints you want while ensuring top quality. The colors you choose won’t fade nor will the print disappear from the shirt’s surface!


Q) How many colours can be used?
A) As many as you want. It wouldn’t be fully customizable design work if you couldn’t get exactly what you wanted, would it?

Q) What is your minimum order?
A) We handle orders of any size. You want just one for a coworker? You got it. You need to outfit the entire company for that corporate retreat? We can do that too.

Q) How large can the image be?
A) Image sizes can be as large as 16″ x 18″ for DTG, or full coverage for Sublimation.

Q) Is this a vinyl transfer or screen print?
A) We use a completely digital process where ink is applied directly to the garment (DTG). To learn more, visit the Technology page.

Q) Are there set-up fees?
A) Not on apparel! We hate set-up fees as much as you do.

Q) What type of ink is used?
A) Rogue Star uses an eco-friendly 4-colour (CYMK) water-based ink with DTG Printing. Water Based, Discharge or Plastisol for Screen-Printing and other methods on Promotional Products.

Artwork Requirements

All artwork submitted for promotional product printing or embroidery must follow one of these formats. Artwork submitted at low quality, low resolution or small size may result in a low quality or blurry/pixellated print. All art will be printed at the print size we receive it.We recommend that the image be 300 dpi at it’s print size. Backgrounds should be removed or the same colour as the t-shirt. Contact us if you need help with your custom t-shirt ideas.

Vectorized Files

We accept vector files in these formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator (AI)
  • PDF

Please ensure that all file images are embedded, all fonts are converted to curves, and all outlines are made to outline strokes.

Rasterized Files

We also accept raster images in these formats:

  • J-Peg (JPG)
  • Photoshop (PSD)
  • PNG

To get the best results a high quality image is required. If the image is at a low resolution your print will appear blurry or pixelated. We recommend that the image be 300 DPI at its print size.


To order personalized promotional items, we need the following information:

  • The size your image will be printed on the shirt
  • The placement of the image imprint (full front, left chest, full back, etc.)
  • The colour of the shirt and model (shirt model is listed on each item in the catalogue)
  • The size breakdown (how many smalls, how many mediums, etc.)

Please send this info along with the image (view artwork requirements). We will contact you by the next business day to confirm your order as well as arrange payment and shipping.