We have all seen hilarious, educational, and sometimes strange bumper stickers anytime you’ve been in traffic. Whether it is for a cause or for your own pure enjoyment, Rogue Star is more than happy to help you get your very own custom bumper sticker or window decal to slap onto your vehicle!


Bumper Stickers

We all love a good classic bumper sticker, such as “I brake for aliens” or a nice pride flag. Though we rarely think about what goes into making them. Well, the process is quite simple! We use our vinyl cutter and printer to print a bumper sticker design onto a vehicle-grade, paint safe adhesive, sticker material that leaves the printer ink and your design vibrant and shiny, making it easy for all to see! Once it is printed and the shape is cut with our machine, we cut them into individual stickers and send them on their way!

Window Decals

The process for window decals is very similar to that of bumper stickers, the main difference being that you likely have smaller details and more cut-outs in your design, so you are able to still see through your window. Therefore the application requires the use of placing transfer material onto your decal in order to apply it all in one piece. Though, you still have the option to make it as colorful as you’d like!

So, What Next?

If you want to get the ball rolling on your own custom window decal or bumper sticker, get in touch with us here and together we will create the best product you can picture!