Here at Rogue Star, we are in tune with the changes of the season and understand how custom apparel can be just what the doctor ordered for “Back-to-School Fever.” Located just outside of Edmonton in the lovely hamlet of Sherwood Park, getting your order is fast and easy. Whether you need custom jerseys for your sports team, unique T-shirts for your club, or just want to rock an original look for your individual style, Rogue Star has you covered.

There is no better way to show your school spirit than going toe-to-toe with a rival team on the field. It matters not if that field is grass, ice, or a gymnasium floor. Representing your school with the sound of fans in the background is something to be proud of. Why not elevate that pride by rocking your colours with fancy custom sportswear?

At Rogue Star, we have provided custom apparel for a variety of sports teams. If your field wear is looking a little worn and outdated, we can produce new jerseys with vibrant colours and artwork. We even have the option of creating a unifying theme if track suits are an added desire for training. Want a nice polished look? Team jackets are a popular article that teammates can either casually parade around the halls proudly or strike a professional and uniformed appearance on game days. The way a team looks is representative of their attitude and sends a message to anyone watching. What do you want your team to say?

While sports isn’t for everyone, that doesn’t mean that friendship, challenges, and support doesn’t exist elsewhere. School is a great time to start up clubs where people with common interests can gather. In large schools and especially in post secondary institutions, clubs can be the foundation for social interactions for students. Why not display your passion outside of meetings? Custom T-shirts and other apparel can be made individually or for a whole group. Make your interest known and who knows? Maybe you’ll recruit more friends for life!

For some people, it doesn’t matter if they are in a group setting or not, they see a new school year as a perfect time to showcase their individuality. Instead of rummaging through store after store to find that signature piece, why not go couture? Rogue Star would be more than happy to print a creation all your own onto a T-shirt, hoodie, or pair of sweat pants. Not really artistic? No problem! Our artists are more than willing to work with you to design a look that is all your own.

So no matter what “Back-to-School Fever” looks like for you, Rogue Star has the remedy. If it’s quality sportswear so that you can stand proud on the field, unique apparel that unites friends, or one-of-a-kind pieces that set you apart, Rogue Star has you set for an awesome school year.