Birthdays are some of the most anticipated days of the year. Forget that you’re a year older and celebrate the fact that you get to celebrate you! What’s even better? The gifts of course! Whether you’ve been invited to a birthday or you’re planning party, you’re going to want to make it memorable. Choose something out of the box with a completely customized gift!

Custom apparel and products for a birthday are great to have made recreationally as well as for a company. Custom birthday gifts don’t always have to be a one-time t-shirt or mug – they can be branded gift bags, cards, and napkins for employee birthday parties or small branded gifts that are sent out to your favourite clients.

Need some inspiration? We’re here to help!


Printed tees are a popular birthday gift and make for great gags gifts and swag for party outings. Get creative – use a picture of the birthday guy or gal, throw on a cliché “over the hill” quote, or make the gang some matching shirts to go out on the town with. It doesn’t stop there! You can customize hoodies, jackets, leggings, and tanks too!

Favors & Decorations

Other than clothes, you can get customized bags, balloons, napkins, buttons, bandanas, candies, can koozies, or drink ware for a birthday affair! Items like these are great to order as party favors for a large party or to keep over time for multiple smaller gatherings. Personalize them based on their intended purpose to elevate a milestone celebration or an otherwise boring office party.

Decals for Decorating

Decals are incredibly versatile. They can help you custom create a personal gift that you can’t quite find even in the depths of Amazon. Create custom gag booze labels, cups, napkins, gift bags, home decor, gift baskets, and more! Decals are inexpensive, durable, and quick to make if you’re running on a tight schedule.

So, did we spark your interest? Have fun brainstorming with these options and give us a call when you know what you want to make! Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of design experts who can help you execute your ideas into great gifts and decorations for that special day. Edmonton based or not, we can help you get your hands on some great products for the big day.