The 10 best days of the year only come around once and most of us want to make the most of it! KDays is one of Edmonton’s most beloved yearly events with hours of fun, food, shopping, and more! What better way to reach such a huge potential market than at KDays? Three words: branded promotional products. Presenting your brand at KDays will guarantee an increase in brand awareness, but if you’re looking for better brand recognition, consider offering branded promo products too! Guests will not only leave having interacted with your brand and products, but they can leave with items that reach beyond the fair grounds throughout the year and their lives. Not sure what Edmontonians would be into? No worries! We’ve got some great suggestions below.

Apparel & Accessories

Offering items fit for the heat is a great idea! Cropped tops of all different styles will be a huge hit for staying and looking cool. Other pieces like shorts and anything tie dye are a must have! Keep a couple warm options available in case the weather takes a turn for the worst and consider some trendy options for sunglasses like metallics and woods! Focus on bright, fun colours to suit the fair atmosphere and you’ll be sure to attract eyes!

Serving Up Snacks

Small snacks are perfect to offer up inside of the expo as small giveaways. Items that won’t melt like candy are a great option for guests that are popping in and out of the heat. Food vendors might want to consider branded to-go containers and drinks. Cups, clam shells, and water are easy products to brand with guaranteed use and are cost effective when ordered in bulk. They’re a perfect way to ensure your branding is seen immediately after purchase and all around the grounds to draw traffic to you sooner rather than later and they likely won’t be thrown into a bag right away like other products.

Fun Phone Gadgets

KDays has everyone talking in person and online every year. Make carrying, charging, and capturing during the event a little easier with some tech accessories. Phone rings, stands, and sockets are practical and come in so many shapes and sizes that are perfect for customizing. A cost effective option that is easily tailored to different markets. Portable chargers are perfect for guests running out of juice. Charge them up and take them anywhere – they’re sure to be handy for all! Image capturing gadgets like lens clips or selfie sticks and lights are great for those who love to capture KDays memories and post them on social media. Lastly, small portable speakers are a great option for those on the go and looking to liven up the scene wherever their feet take them on the grounds! These come in so many options as well!

Just For Fun

Isn’t that what KDays is all about? Fun in the sun is what people come for. Make sure you help them leave with a bit of it too! Offer something for fidgeting with in the long lines for some entertainment (sometimes people watching isn’t enough). Colourful additions to an outfit like temporary tattoos and custom socks are less of a commitment than pieces of apparel and typically more affordable to giveaway or for guests purchase. They serve as small reminders of the fun had on the grounds! So many more quirky promo items can be branded and customized based on your brand and your market!

Handy to Have

Last but not least, items that are convenient! Bags are key to offer at KDays. Guests will accumulate a lot on the grounds including their own personal items, purchases, snacks, and carrying something warm to wear in the evening. Offering small and compact bags will be a no-brainer buy! Items like lanyards and koozies can come in handy in or outside of the grounds and serve as another small souvenir option. Both are practical and likely to be used in the weeks to come. Lastly, items like fans and hand sanitizers are going to be a hit for those who want to stay comfortable and clean throughout the day. Beat the heat and the germs! Both are offered in a variety of shapes and colours to suit all tastes!

All of these items serve as souvenirs for years to come and are great to use all summer long! Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of knowledgeable reps who can help you with you can cater to all your custom apparel and promotional product needs with our services in digital printing, screen printing, and selecting promotional products. We’ll have you prepped and ready to jump into the KDays chaos! We can serve and ship in Edmonton or province wide to meet your needs. Give us a call now – our reps are ready and excited to kick start your order!