custom hand painted shirts The way you dress yourself is the best way for you to make your personality more transparent to other people. Sometimes however, the wardrobe choices that you have could become limited. Especially if you have a unique style, the pieces sold commercially are often not enough to show who you truly are. This is exactly what custom hand painted shirts are for. Hand painted shirts give you the chance to express yourself without setting limitations based on society’s norms.

Because the way your custom hand painted shirts turn out says a lot about you as a person, there are important things that you need to think about before deciding on a design that you think would fit you. Here are some of the things that should be part of your checklist:

•  Color – The colors that you use do not only bring life to your overall design, but it also shows a side of your personality in an exceptionally expressive way. Different colors could be symbols for different emotions and personality types and could reflect who you are as a person. People with vibrant personalities often go for bright and cheerful colors, while deep, emotional ones often go for more subdued hues.

•  Symbols – Symbolism would also be a great way to show who you are. It is always best to choose symbols not only because they are in fashion. Choose among the different symbols used for faith, beliefs and principles that would express what you stand for and what you base your actions and decisions on.

•  Interests – Hand painted shirts could also be a great way to show people what you are truly interested in. Whether you choose to show your passion for music through the logo of your favorite band or your interest in sports by displaying the symbol of your favorite team, wearing hand painted shirts like these in public helps you create connections with people who have the same interest and could even be a potential conversation starter.

•  Style – The style of the shirt that you choose is also a good way to show what kind of person you are. You could go for loose fitting shirts or muscle tees, and choose from round-neck shirts to v-necks. The style you choose could show if you’d rather go for comfort over trend, or whether you like it rugged or sporty.

With the number of factors to consider before coming up with a final design, you definitely have to take some time out and think it over. A representation of who you are or the kind of shirt you want is not something that you should be deciding on rashly. The custom shirt you end up with will definitely be worth it once you’ve thought each of these things thoroughly, and you just might be able to define that fashion statement that no regular clothing store would be able to give you.

So, have you thought of that perfect design for your custom-made shirt that shows the whole world the real you?