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Apr 17

Product focus: Custom Hockey Pucks

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Are you considering a hockey giveaway this season? Why not consider a hockey puck?  For many years, custom hockey pucks have been used as a giveaway by Canadian businesses, hockey teams and more. And depending on how they are made they can be used to play different forms of hockey, or given as an award, [...]

Mar 20

Product Focus: Custom Mini Hockey Sticks

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  Deciding on the perfect promotional giveaway has never been an easy task. Almost anything and everything can be used as a promotional product. But your audience, the way the product is designed, and how the marketing strategy is executed is what really matters – do it right and the item can really make your [...]

Mar 08

Get in the game with custom basketball jerseys

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When you are cheering your favourite basketball team during the final seconds of the game, the atmosphere is exhilarating. Tensions run high, tempers flare, the noise is deafening but you can still hear the tick of the clock. Then the star player takes that final 3-pointer shot that overturns the result in your team’s favour! [...]

Feb 13

Custom golf balls, the right product for your business?

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The most popular sport in Canada with over 1.5 million players*, golf is played by people of all ages and walks of life. It’s a great way to relax, get some physical exercise and fresh air.  Popularity of the sport alone can makes branded golf balls an effective gift for most customers – but are [...]

Feb 06

How branded apparel can give your business credibility

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One of the main goals of business marketing is to portray the business as credible and legitimate as much as possible and get people to trust you. Fail to realise this important aspect in business and you can end up with marketing that works against your company goals. A good brand identity is aligned to [...]

Jan 30

Tips on creating apparel that your customers will love to wear

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In today’s fast-paced business world it is almost impossible to succeed without proper brand marketing. Nowadays, the secret to a successful business is to advertise, advertise and advertise! However, as a result this business strategy has been overly misused and customers are now grappling with endless automated phone message alerts, repetitive marketing emails and non-stop [...]

Jan 23

UV Printing, What is it and how does it work?

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Introduction UV printing is a unique form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet light to instantly cure or dry the ink. Since the ink dries in an instant,  better quality images can be achieved than many other printing methods.   How it works Conventional printing techniques involves the use of inks which have special solvents [...]

Jan 16

The Rise of Dye Sublimation for Clothing and Textiles

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What is Dye Sublimation? Sublimation simply means the transition from a solid state directly to a gaseous state without first turning into liquid. Normally substances would undergo the three stages or forms of matter which are solid to liquid to gas and vice versa. However, under special circumstances of temperature and pressure, a substance may [...]

Jan 09

Plastisol vs Discharge Ink, what should you choose?

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Thinking of having a custom t-shirt or fabric screen printed with your custom design or logo? Plastisol ink and water based ink are the two main types of ink that are used in textile screen printing. While both types of ink are effective, they have distinct differences and advantages depending on what your need is. [...]

Jan 02

What’s the difference and which to choose? Direct to Garment versus Screen printing

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  Direct to Garment printing (DTG) and screen printing are amongst the most popular methods to choose when printing designs on garments such as custom tee-shirts. But what’s the difference between direct to garment printing and silk screen printing? And when should you choose direct to garment versus screen printing?   The methods Many people [...]