Custom T-Shirt Printing

May 02


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Looking to add that extra something to your apparel? Look no further! Relabelling your custom apparel can give it a complimentary touch. Custom labels are an easy addition that help your products and your brand image look more professional and help your clothing line stay competitive. Custom labels ensure that your products are ready to [...]

Feb 20


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When it comes to apparel, we always want to get our hands on what’s on trend, but some of us want what remains relatively classic too. If you’re looking for both, then you’ve come to the right place! One of the current hottest styles in apparel is tone-on-tone prints. Printing using tone-on-tone adds subtle, visual [...]

Mar 12

How to Use Promotional Products for Business Advertising

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Using promotional products for business is not exactly a new practice. It has been done since the early days of business, way before technology started taking over  every company’s marketing and advertising strategies. But just because it’s old does not mean that it is outdated. The use of promotional products for business exposure actually proves [...]

Mar 10

What are the Advantages of Co-branding?

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Building a strong brand is important for any business. Getting recognized and having a stable following naturally increases a brand’s success. Brands, big and small, can co-brand and work together to achieve more success. One of the advantages of co-branding is that the fans of two or more brands can be enticed to try [...]

Mar 05

How is 3D Puff Embroidery Done?

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Decorative additions are now no longer limited to just 2D designs. 3D puff embroidery is a great way to add not just a bit of texture but a noticeable amount of it. Usually, embroidery already adds a good amount of texture to your fabric, but with puff embroidery, you get even more body on [...]

Mar 03

How to Get Custom Embroidery Services

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Embroidery is one of the oldest methods of beautifying a piece of garment. Back in the old days, embroidery was something a lot of women and younger ladies will engage in while at home especially if they didn’t have much to do outside their houses. With just a needle and a thread, coming up [...]

Feb 26

How to Apply Reflective Heat Transfer Material

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There are many kinds of heat transfer materials, but one of the more specialized ones is the reflective or metallic kind. Reflective heat application may be a bit different compared to the usual heat transfer process because of the metallic surface that may require a slightly altered method of application. Some materials may have more [...]

Feb 24

What are the Benefits of Using Print and Cut Heat Applications?

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If you’re a DIY lover, using print and cut heat applications can come in handy for you. This can be done using store-bought materials in small quantities or on a commercial volume as well. The process is self-explanatory: you get heat transfer material, print your design on it, and cut the design before using a [...]

Feb 17

How to Care for Graphic Prints

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Keeping your paint in great condition is one of the best ways to care for graphic prints. When you begin making your prints with great paint, you can expect that your designs will last much longer. Whether you’re a commercial T-shirt printer or a DIY shirt customizer, here are some tips on how to keep [...]

Feb 10

How to Protect Vinyl Prints

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Vinyl prints are often used for t-shirt and banner printing. Vinyl t-shirt prints are attractive and fun to wear. Vinyl banners are effective in getting the attention of the public. Vinyl prints are flexible and versatile in nature. It’s easy enough to design your own vinyl graphics just as it’s effortless to contact a reputable [...]

Feb 05

Why Are Leather Jackets So Popular Today?

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Leather jackets hold a special place in the world of clothing and fashion. It is incredibly versatile in its use and can instantly create a particular look for the wearer. Men and women wear them and for a variety of reasons. It also played a role in wartime history which makes it all the more [...]

Feb 03

Where to Order Decals for Business and Personal Use

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A decal is a vinyl, fabric, paper or porcelain substrate that features an imprinted design or image which can be transferred to another surface normally by using heat or water. These days, decals are manufactured for walls, windows, posters, banners, signage, cars, trucks, motorcycles, helmets and apparel. Making use of decals to create brand awareness [...]