It’s time to stride for pride! Throw on a bright outfit, collect the squad, and hit the streets to celebrate all things inclusive and diverse! A march turned into a parade; a protest turned into celebration! People from all over Calgary gather to show their support and love and what better way to help them do so than with branded pride centered products?

Pride celebrations transform cities all over the world and are the best way to mingle and celebrate with the community. We’ve gathered some of the best promotional product ideas to add to the feisty fun that you can sell, giveaway, or sport at Calgary’s 2020 Pride celebrations!

Apparel & Accessories

Love who you want and dress how you want, but it’s always good to offer the latest and greatest! This year, offer tie dye items that feature a rainbow of colours that are fit for everyone. Hoodies, tanks, and tees are all great to offer to accommodate all styles and come in handy when weather changes up on the crowd. Other accessories are great for branding and offering as commemorative pieces and are perfect options for those who like to keep it simple or add to their collection. Apparel is also a great option for organizations that are attending or sponsoring events during pride. Make the whole team feel like one powerful yet diverse unit with matching shirts or accessories.

Handy Helpers

These are products that are handy during and after any festivities. Lanyards and sunglasses cases are perfect for holding onto precious keys and glasses while custom towels and blankets are great to purchase on site to sit on during parades and performances and to keep as souvenirs!

Bangin’ Bags

Bags are bomb, especially when you’re collecting so much merch and freebies. Make sure to offer some cost effective and stylish options for those who want to rep their pride and the event during festivities and everywhere else they go! Small or collapsible tote bags and drawstring bags are perfect for a quick buy or handouts. Fanny packs and iridescent bags are great options for merch that fit the pride aesthetic. These are some of the best reusable items to offer that come in handy in so many instances!

Keep in Touch

All of these items are great for keeping in touch with others, yourself, and your life! Small phone accessories that make scrolling and snapping fun are great for giveaways. Journals that feature unexpected pops of rainbow colours are a great subtle aesthetic for those who like to represent and show support!

Drink Up!

Let’s talk hydration! Drink ware and related items are awesome to have during such exciting events! Various cups are perfect for vendors (food related or not) to offer as souvenirs and as a great way to reduce street waste cleanup once events end. Below are various options that are great for on the go drinking and help you sip a bit of happiness! All can be branded bright and beautifully for your ideal expression!


Free speech, free to love, and freebies! Who doesn’t love a good giveaway item? We sure do! Make sure you have a little something to offer guests during parades and other crowd filled events. Candy, stickers, tattoos, and toys are among some of the most cost effective options to giveaway to the masses. Guests can enjoy them now or later. Other giveaways that are great to give out if you’re feeling generous include fans for the heat, bubbles and balloons that add to the excitement, and other small branded keepsakes!

All these items serve as souvenirs for years to come and are great to use all year long to show off your pride for Pride! Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of knowledgeable reps who can help you with all your custom apparel and promotional product needs with our services in digital printing, screen printing, and sourcing promotional products. We’ll have you prepped and ready to celebrate at Calgary’s 2020 Pride celebrations and we can serve and ship province wide to meet your needs. Give us a call now – we are ready and excited to kick start your order!