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How to Buy Custom Hoodies

Simply defined, hoodies are long sleeved sweatshirts with hoods, or sweaters with hoods. Although hoodies date back to the early 20th century, the popularity of these garments has been on the rise since the 1970s and the emergence of rap and hip hop music. Since then styles and designs have quickly evolved and a wider variety of hoodies have emerged in the market.


Hoodie styles

Hoodies are a common casual wear style for both men and women. Suitable for almost all informal occasions, they can be matched with most types of clothing. With increased popularity, designers have created many hoodie styles giving a wide variety of styles to choose from to match everyone’s personal taste and style.  And teams and business often customize them to include company logos, colours and slogans.

Some of the most common hoodie styles include:

  • Solid colour hoodies- These are quite simple, plain and standard colour hoodies. They have one solid colour covering the entire hoodie and are generally simple in design. With little design of their own, they match a wider range of clothing and can work well with patterns.
  • Stripped hoodies- Just as the name suggests, stripped hoodies have strips of alternating colours. The colours of the strips may vary and they are normally available in all types of colours. Some also consist of only two alternating colours such as black and white making them classic and  unique.
  • Graphic hoodies- These kinds of hoodies feature images or even slogans. Such kinds of hoodies can be used to identify people with a particular group or following. They also help communicate a person’s personal taste and preference.
  • Plaid- These kinds of hoodies feature a checked pattern in different colours. Most of these hoodies are made from sweatshirts.
  • Feminine hoodies- These hoodies have been specifically designed for women and often feature a tapered waist and a snugger overall fit.
  • Athletic hoodies- These kinds of hoodies are meant to be comfortable and are suitable for training athletes. Some have special features such as water resistant outer fabric so as to allow athletes train in adverse weather conditions.


Types of custom hoodies

Looking to create a custom hoodie?  Customizable hoodies can be sub-divided into three main sub-categories according to your requirements and budget:

  • Low cost hoodies- These types of hoodies are generally simple in design and match with a wide variety of clothing. Choose from low cost hoodie brands such as Gildan which allows you to create a large number of custom hoodies at a reasonably low cost.
  • Premium  hoodies- Higher quality than  low cost hoodies, they are more comfortable when worn and  generally more durable. Bella+Canvas are good examples of premium cost hoodies and are a good compromise between cost and quality.
  • High-end hoodies- These are the best quality and often designer hoodies, made using the best quality fabrics, most recent design styles and usually feature the designer’s logo. Hoodies from Oakland and Carhatt are good examples of these, and custom hoodies will feature their brand logo as well as your design. These hoodies are great for a higher end, more fashion-conscious audience.


When to wear hoodies

Arguably, hoodies can be worn at any time and in any weather conditions. Fleece or fur lined hoodies can worn alone or layered for colder weather. Lighter zipped hoodies can be worn open with a light tee in the summer. Runners often wear lightweight,  thinner hoodies when running as they allow for free airflow.  With so many styles and designs, hoodies are great fashion items that can be worn on almost any occasion!


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