Here at Rogue Star, we like to pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of products and brands for our clients to decorate with their branding. We love to be able to say yes when we’re asked “Do you carry _?”. We thought that it was about time that we open up the door to a world of brands that you might not have known that we can get our hands on just for you! Eager to find out? Just keep scrolling!


Wait until you see what Yeti products we can get our greedy fingers on! Tumblers, mugs, bottles, and jugs – bags and coolers too! Many Yeti products turn out beautifully with laser engraving decoration.


Sport the sporty trend of Champion products! We have shirts, sweaters, sweatpants, tank tops, hats, toques, bags, and more! Champion pieces are perfect “classic” pieces and are trendy and functional enough to suit almost any brand.


For hipster or trade workers? Who cares! With so many item options, you can sport Carhartt branding wherever you go! Bags, belts, coolers, jackets, shirts, toques, and more. Durable and totally on trend right now!


A well known and well used brand that suits almost every style and purpose. You can find us offering hats, bags, polos, shirts, pullovers, and more from Nike. Great quality, soft products that never let us down!


Good vibes and great options for items and colours. Choose from items like toques, hats, shirts, belts, bags, sweaters, and polos in a range of colours and styles to suit whatever vibe you’re going for.

North Face

Well loved and sought out – North Face is available to you. We can get our hands on vests and various jackets to keep you warm in any weather!

Roots 73

True and beautiful Canadian staples! Choose from jackets, sweaters, vests, shirts, polos, accessories, hats, and more! Choose true to the north and decorate it with your logo to give it an extra oomph!


Sleek and simple. Ogio offers various bags, polos, sweaters, shirts, jackets, luggage, and golf bags that we can get our hands on just for you!


Get your golf on! We can source Callaway items like jackets, polos, and golf balls for all of your corporate and tournament needs!


Get healthy and hydrated with CamelBak products! We can offer you several bottle and bag options to expand your healthy offers to customers and employees. With so many options, you can be sure to find an item that fits your branding.


Light it up with some options that are on fire! We can get you Zippo items like lighters, binoculars, wine bottle caps, and money clips that suit laser engraving and bright colour prints of your logo very nicely.


For the humble hipsters! We have several Herschel bag options for you to consider for your storage and travel needs!

Now that we’ve opened your eyes to new possibilities, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. We have reps who would be happy to get you on the right track to starting your dream order including some of the above brands. Our reps are knowledgeable in product options such as the above and decoration methods available like screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, and more! We have an Edmonton based team at the ready to help you create the promo products you want! We can even ship your order to you whether you’re local or elsewhere in Alberta or Canada. Give us a call to get your order started!