A backpack that fulfills your needs is not always easy to find. The right bag not only expresses one’s style but also makes organizing their items for day to day life easier. Branding and offering a promotional backpack reflects your company’s awareness and foresight into your targeted consumers so it’s important to choose it wisely. There are countless options of shades and styles of bags and selecting one becomes challenging. We’re here to help with a few tips on how you can select the perfect branded backpack!

Purpose & Users

Figure out your targeted user and what they might be using a branded backpack for. The places that people will go while wearing your promotional backpack is a crucial aspect to keep in mind. Trendy everyday backpacks for style statements with function are great for casual use and commuting. Comfortable and spacious backpacks that are sharp and professional for business and travel to accommodate packing and technology needs. Durable but lightweight for an active lifestyle so you can stay organized and stocked up appropriately. Let your choice be guided by not only its purpose but its users. Consider if your audience keeps up to date with the latest style trends or likes to make time tested purchases. Do they like to stand out with bold colours, patterns, and shapes or keep it low key? You know best!

Usage & Features

The length of usage and most common purpose of your promotional backpack is another essential aspect to consider. It will help you to select the right size and compartments for your branded backpack. Consider if the bag is a short term usage item for daily commutes or short trips or if it will be used during high activity or long adventures. Short term use may only need a few basic compartments while longer usage will benefit from more compartments for better organization and compacting items. Reflect on how much importance technology has in your end users’ lives. If the audience using your backpack relies on technology, then laptops and smartphones would be their essential items. Make adjustments in your bag choice to accommodate laptops, tablets, and charging. 


There are many practical aspects that you need to consider while designing a promotional backpack, but you also need to focus on the appearance and look of your promotional backpack to appease users. The branded bag(s) you offer are a reflection of not only your users and their lifestyles and fashion preferences, but also the image of your brand. Afterall, this is about how you can increase your brand reach and awareness through your consumers’ usage of backpacks that sport your company imprint. Customized bags allow you to showcase your company style and vibe to the world and that will be remembered by passersby. Suit the style of backpack to your company culture, whether its eye-catching and bold or sleek and conservative.

Below are some of our favourite backpacks at the moment that we know you’ll love for inspo!

The audience, duration of use, and organizational needs are some of the most crucial elements you need to consider while choosing the promotional backpack. Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of reps with knowledge about backpacks you can choose from to help relieve the stress of ordering. We’re happy to help you weigh your options and make a selection so that your order is a breeze! We specialize in all things custom apparel and promotional products that can be decorated using screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, and more! We can even ship your order to you whether you’re local to Edmonton or elsewhere in Alberta or Canada. Give us a call now to get started!