One of the main goals of business marketing is to portray the business as credible and legitimate as much as possible and get people to trust you. Fail to realise this important aspect in business and you can end up with marketing that works against your company goals.

A good brand identity is aligned to these key attributes:

  • Quality –

    Good quality products or services showing commitment and seriousness in the business. This gives your business legitimacy and attracts new customers.

  • Consistency –

    One thing that keeps the customers always coming back is consistency of product. Even if the quality is right but not consistent, then your customers will be unlikely to return. They’ll you’re unreliable and not a company they can identify with or want to buy from.

  • Trust and Credibility –

    Trust is earned and built over a long period of time. Build trust by producing consistently high quality products and services. Be reliable. Ensure you and your staff behaviours are ethical and upstanding.  Show off your learned expertise and knowledge – but don’t exaggerate or mislead. Build relationships with trustworthy and well known vendors and suppliers.  Get your customers to trust you and they will buy from you again and again, and even recommend you to others.


Branded apparel and business credibility

There are many ways of giving your business credibility and using branded apparel is a proven way to do this. Offering custom branded clothing as a promotional item says lot about your business and company.

  • Financially sound –  

    Giving out branded apparel for free requires a financial investment and no direct returns in terms of apparel sales. Investing in freebies shows that your business is financially sound and able to invest in your customers. Customers in return will feel more emotionally attached to your brand knowing that you value them and are willing to go out of the way to invest in them.

  • High quality –

    People want to wear high quality long lasting clothing that makes them look and feel good. Choose high quality clothing and people will associate you with quality products… Be careful though as the opposite applies.

  • Polished –

    People judge you by what you wear. A polished or well put together appearance builds credibility and trust. When people look their best in your clothing, it makes you look good too! So consider engaging a professional designer to help design branded clothing that reflects your company at its best. Plus you and your your staff can wear the clothes at work.

  • Credible –

    By cobranding with other companies, you can legitimize and establish credibility by association with more popular or respected brands. For example choose co-branded t-shirts from Oakley, Bella +Canvas, or American Apparel and add your logo and design.

  • Popular –

    There is security in having something that is widely accepted and common. Most people want to feel like one of the group, and like everyone else. The more often people see your brand, the more they will perceive your brand is popular, which will in turn make them feel comfortable and relate to you. Promotional clothing is a great way to drive this awareness and ensure your brand is seen in many places by a wide range of people.


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