If you’re a DIY lover, using print and cut heat applications can come in handy for you. This can be done using store-bought materials in small quantities or on a commercial volume as well. The process is self-explanatory: you get heat transfer material, print your design on it, and cut the design before using a heat press to transfer it on a garment. This easy process along with the materials used actually comes with a lot of benefits that you’d enjoy. Here are some of them:

  • print and cut heat applicationsAffordability – The heat transfer sheets are actually quite affordable and when purchased in bigger rolls, you can expect greater deals and more affordable prices. It also becomes more affordable because with the right layout, you can maximize the use of the material and make sure none of it goes to waste.
  • Great range of designs – If you’re a DIY lover, you can choose ready-made heat transfer designs which are available in craft stores. Letters, shapes, and other fancy heat transfer designs which are ready for use are great additions to plain shirts. If you have your own printing machine, your designs can be pretty much unlimited as long as your printer settings allow it. Pictures or letters can be printed on your heat transfer materials and you simply have to cut the outline before transferring your design.
  • Consistency – Industrial T-shirt printing machines can produce consistent designs on your heat transfer materials. You can print as many as you want and the same design will be on your fabric; no need to worry about inconsistencies such as those you get when dealing with other T-shirt design methods like tie dye or manual screen printing.
  • Ease of transfer – Heat presses can be set to have consistent temperature and within just a few seconds of pressing, your design can be transferred onto the garment. If you’re doing this at home, you can simply use an iron and run it back and forth over the material with the print and try lifting after a few seconds to see if it comes off easily.

Print and cut heat applications can also be great when you have businesses that offer custom-printing services. There are now advanced machines which print as well as cut exactly where you need your designs to be cut. Such machines save more time and produce sharper results because of the digital process involved in cutting the prints. All you would have to do is peel off the excess material before transferring your design onto your chosen garment.

Print and cut t-shirt designing is one of the more modern but affordable methods of customizing T-shirt prints. Although it cannot achieve 3D designs, the wide range of materials and digital prints which can be transferred on your fabric makes up for it. Printing businesses that would like to offer great customization should consider investing on modern printing and cutting machines that does heat transfer applications. The results are long-lasting colored prints which the clients will definitely enjoy.

Have you tried this process when designing your shirts? What do you think of it? Sound off on the comments section below.