There are many kinds of heat transfer materials, but one of the more specialized ones is the reflective or metallic kind. Reflective heat application may be a bit different compared to the usual heat transfer process because of the metallic surface that may require a slightly altered method of application. Some materials may have more sensitive reflective sides which would require an additional layer of fabric before touching the heat press machine, while others may require lower and more gradual temperatures. Make sure to read product specifics for such adjustments. At times, the application process is the same and reflective materials can be used the same way you would other normal heat transfer materials.

reflective heat transferSome reflective materials are actually cold-transfer ones and just come equipped with special adhesives so that once they are applied on the shirt, they can be washed without having to worry about accidentally peeling off the print.

Benefits of Reflective Heat Application Material

The wide array of designs, colors, and textures that heat transfer materials come in presents a great amount of customization for those who are looking for more unique shirt prints. Aside from getting a more unique kind of shirts, you also get a set of benefits you can’t get anywhere else:

  • More visibility – The top benefit of using reflective material is that you get more visibility even in low-light conditions. This is perfect for bikers and other sports enthusiasts who spend a lot of time on the road and can benefit from a bit of visibility at night or early in the morning. The reflective material can make drivers see whoever is wearing the shirt and accidents can be avoided.
  • A festive look – Because of the brightness of reflective materials, it also adds a more festive and even glamorous look. On shirt colors like black and other dark shades like blues and purples, reflective heat transfer materials in gold or silver can easily be seen. It helps make the fabric look more special or even more expensive depending on the kind of print used.
  • Can be applied on many kinds of fabrics – Despite the more unique nature of this material, reflective heat transfer materials can be applied on cotton, polyester, nylon and Spandex or Lycra. Since it can be applied on these materials, you can use this kind of material for sports apparel or even just for fashionable personalized shirts. Reflective materials are actually strongly present in sports clothing and can be seen even on the more textured kinds of fabrics like jersey materials.

This kind of material adds a more special touch to your garments which may be looking plain or drab. The luster of this kind of material makes an old shirt look new, and if you love DIY customization, looking into this option can be great for you. If you’re a sports enthusiast and you’d like to be safer on the road, you might want to have a set of reflectorized clothes as well. Ask your local custom shirt printers for the kinds of materials they offer to enjoy these benefits from reflective materials!

Have you tried a reflective design in one of your shirts? If so, how did you find it? Sound off in the comments section below!