Embroidering your logo or artwork onto clothing such as t-shirts or baseball caps is a great way to showcase your business, event or sports team. Embroidered items are considered higher quality and last longer than some printing methods as the artwork doesn’t fade over time.


However embroidered graphics are sewn with thread and have to be simplified so they appear clear when stitched.. so how do you convert your graphic or image file into something that will look great when finished? These  7 important embroidery design tips will help!

embroidery cap

  1. To convert your logo into stitches, the design needs to be digitized which turns the artwork into a digital file that embroidery machines can read. You can use free or paid online software for this, or contact RogueStar Design Services for help.
  2. Use the largest size, highest quality and clearest graphic you can find. A larger image will prevent the design appearing pixelated or jagged when edited or enlarged. Plus a larger image has a higher resolution that will appear clearer.
  3. Avoid small font size lettering as this will be lost in translation. Text should be ¼ inch high minimum so that your design can be readable. Also capital letters work better than lower case letters as they usually have straighter cleaner lines.
  4. Gradients, where one colour transitions into another, can only be estimated in embroidery and may not be reproduced as you expect. Gradients are embroidered as a rough reproduction so are best replaced with solid colours. Shading does also not reproduce well.
  5. Thin lines, fine detail, and outlines in pale colours can cause trouble as they need to be embroidered using very thin stitches. This can make the lines look dotted where each stitch enters and leaves the fabric. Darkening fine details and lines will make the details show up better.
  6. Consider how your image colours will look against the fabric colour. A black thread design against a black background can be subtle and doesn’t pop as much as a white design on a black background.
  7. Have a professional design service help you – RogueStar design services can help review or convert your artwork, so that the final product looks outstanding on whatever fabric you choose– contact us today to get started!


Contact RogueStar for all your embroidery design and promotional product needs – call us at 855-900-STAR today!