Screen print technology has had a big impactful on the industry for many years. This method is an effective way of marketing your business at an affordable price. When ordering custom apparel, you create a great look with high-quality materials. There are tons of other benefits too!

Builds more trust

Wearing a screen printed t-shirt as a team will look more professional. Weather this be your company logo, or just a visual artwork. When you introduce yourself to a new customer you’ve never met before, the customer can easily identify which company you’re with. This can also draw attention to other customers at the trade show, office, or restaurant. Screen printed t-shirts look attractive to the eyes, and increase the customers’ confidence about your business’ credibility.

24/7 Advertising

A screen-printed T-shirt is simply a live advertisement for your business. People viewing this custom apparel can become your potential customers and increase your way of earning business.

Cost-effective Economical Promo

Screen printing services offer affordable rates. This means that you can mass-produce in a single order and get wholesale benefits by offering more of your t-shirts to the public, which will help increase your brand awareness.

Build Awareness

Most organizations are looking for the best ideas to create awareness about their new ventures; Employees should wear screen printed T-shirts while organizing any special events and functions. It will inspire potential customers to glance over and either recognize your company logo or see it for the first time.

Use Attractive Colors

In screen printing, you can get either bright or opaque colors – which are the perfect choice for creating all kinds of eye-catching designs. The design and color combination should be unique so that your brand is easily identifiable against your competitors. If you have any text or information, make sure it is visible and legible.


If you’re planning to grow as a business, consider Screen Printing as a form of great advertising. We at Rogue Star offer tons of options for garments and screen printing options. Please check out our “Get In Touch” Tab – or email if you’re interested, or have any questions about Screen Printing.