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Feb 16

The world of weeding

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No, not that type of weed. Weeding is something that we at Rogue Star do on a daily basis! This is a process that involves stripping away excess material when we use our Roland BN-20 to cut and print heat transfer designs. There are multiple factors that effect the weeding process, some making it extremely [...]

Feb 15

The best (and really, only) garment materials to use for DTG printing

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You may be asking, "why do I need to worry about shirt materials for printing? Can't Rogue Star print on any shirt I bring them?" The short answer is no. For Direct to Garment Printing at least. This print method uses CMYK ink very similar to the type of ink your printer at home uses, [...]

Feb 11

Custom Bumper Stickers – Because Why not?

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We have all seen hilarious, educational, and sometimes strange bumper stickers anytime you've been in traffic. Whether it is for a cause or for your own pure enjoyment, Rogue Star is more than happy to help you get your very own custom bumper sticker or window decal to slap onto your vehicle!   [...]

Feb 10

The Need-to-knows about vinyl cutting and heat transfers

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Here at Rogue Star we have plenty of options in print methods. Heat transferring your artwork onto clothing is one of the most popular! Now, we don't use the little Cricut cutters you see behind a locked glass panel at Michael's. We have a Roland BN-20, an industrial vinyl printer and cutter at our disposal [...]

Feb 04

What are the Benefits of Note-Taking By Hand?

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Since we live in a digital age, it is obvious that our daily functioning involves digital communication. However, one should note that keyboarding will not always provide the tactile feedback to the brain that contact between pencil or pen and paper does. This is key to creating the neurocircuitry in the hand-brain complex. Even [...]

Feb 02

HOw Wall Graphics and Murals will Help your business

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  Are you a business with huge offices and spaces plenty of empty wall space? You should consider adding items that will fill up the space and make the office more cheerful and fun! This is when the wall graphics and murals come into play! Since we process visual information faster, it only makes [...]