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Jan 31

Things to Know About Ordering Custom Hoodies

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Custom hoodies are an absolute favorite with hoodie lovers. If you are looking to print a custom hoodie, here are the things you should know before you begin.   Design Placement and Printing on the Hoodie The first rule you should keep in mind while designing the [...]

Jan 27

New and Upcoming T-Shirt Trends for This Year

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Throughout 2021 there were some great cases of artistic abilities and creativity in the t-shirt printing industry. We helped support several individuals, brands, and communities during the pandemic across the globe by making their dreams a reality. Most people think that a custom shirt is "just a shirt," but these t-shirts help people express their [...]

Jan 17

Four Ways Corporate Swag Boost Company Culture

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Companies have begun to recognize the value of corporate culture in recent years, prompting them to invest in developing genuine team cultures. It has been shown that a good corporate culture results in reduced turnover rates and creates a more enjoyable work environment for workers. Company culture may be developed in a variety of ways, [...]

Jan 14

Rogue Star’s Tips for Ordering Embroidered Apparel

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When it comes to customizing apparel, you can never go wrong with embroidery. In fact, perfectly embroidered apparel not only looks high-quality, but sparks interest in the people who see it.   This is one of the reasons why many business owners have started opting for embroidery over screen printing. Plus, there isn’t a [...]

Jan 12

Promotional Bags for your business

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Why should you invest in promotional bags for your business? Investing in promotional products for your business has been profitable for both retailers and shoppers. The effective use of proper branding of your products or services on bags can greatly influence buyers' choices and ensure favorable brand recall value. Check out these benefits of getting [...]

Jan 12

Why DTG Printing is Transforming Apparel Production

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The clothing industry is undergoing a transformation because of direct-to-garment printing.  Before DTG, there really wasn’t a way to print just one shirt without the cost of burning a screen or creating a low detail heat transfer for your shirt. With direct to garment printing, we can upload any artwork with high detail to our [...]

Jan 10

Masters of Adobe Illustrator

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Printing custom apparel is the oldest yet smartest way of marketing a brand, organization, or event. Apparel like t-shirts, caps and jackets can be used as fun promotional items that will immediately remind people of your brand when customers or clients wear and see your branded apparel. When it comes to [...]

Jan 07

Our Tips in Creating Your Custom T-Shirt

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When customizing T-shirts, you have a blank canvas with unlimited opportunity.   At Rogue Star, we work with you to make sure that your design is the right one. We understand this can be quiet a process, so we have assembled this blog with a few tried and tested tips to help you in [...]

Jan 05

Three Misconceptions About DTG Printing

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DTG (Direct to Garment) printing has been a popular choice of t-shirt printing for many years now. Though with passing time, many misconceptions have emerged about this useful technique. Here is a little bit of clarification. Misconception 1 - DTG print quality is not top rate [...]

Jan 05

5 Benefits of Screen Printing For Your Business

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Screen print technology has had a big impactful on the industry for many years. This method is an effective way of marketing your business at an affordable price. When ordering custom apparel, you create a great look with high-quality materials. There are tons of other benefits too! Builds more trust Wearing a screen printed [...]

Jan 03

Why You Should Use Promotional Pens to Help Grow Your Brand

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Brands that market their company via promotional products will always stand out from the crowd. We live in an era in which digital advertising has become more pervasive. As a result, custom made promotional things are often a breath of fresh air. Additionally, simplicity is often preferable when it comes to promotional materials. Pens with [...]

Jan 03

DTG vs Screen Printing: Choosing the Right Printing Method for You

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So, if you are wondering what printing method you must choose, then this blog is here to help. We will take an in-depth look into both DTG (direct-to-garment) and screen printing, as well as their respective processes, to decide which works better for your needs.  Screen Printing and its [...]