Monthly Archives: January 2020

Jan 31

Promotional Products for Traveling

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The cold months are upon us and nothing screams “let’s get outta here” like useful travel gadgets begging to be used. Practical and fun, all the below are items worth considering as killer retail items or gifts for employees and clients. Traveling is good for the soul and items that make traveling easier are good [...]

Jan 27

Personalized in a Pinch – Quick Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day comes around every year whether you want it to or not. Some tend to ignore its existence, while others dive right in. Single or taken, we’ve got some perfect options for custom gifts that won’t scream “I picked this up 30 minutes ago” with their conventional nature. Waited until last minute anyway? No [...]

Jan 13

Screen Printing VS Digital Printing

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Custom apparel is the perfect way of expressing your brand to the world and can be versatile to suit your vision. With that said, not every vision can be fulfilled with the same processes or techniques. This why we’re going to help you compare two major print methods – digital and screen printing! Want to [...]