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Oct 23

Leather Patches and Decorations

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Leather is the hallmark of style and luxury. Leather is something that has never gone out of fashion and decorating a garment with leather gives it a sort of rustic elegance. Patching your product or garment with leather can help you add a perfect last little touch or can be the showpiece of your product. [...]

Oct 10

Custom Apparel and Products for Birthdays

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Birthdays are some of the most anticipated days of the year. Forget that you’re a year older and celebrate the fact that you get to celebrate you! What’s even better? The gifts of course! Whether you’ve been invited to a birthday or you’re planning party, you’re going to want to make it memorable. Choose something [...]

Oct 09

Which Print Method is Right for Your Custom Apparel?

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Custom apparel has become more popular and more accessible over the years. With new technologies and online manufacturers, consumers have been able to consume more personally decorated garments. Companies are offering aesthetically pleasing designs with almost zero limits that offer garments coveted by those who want to stay trendy and unique. Whether you need a [...]

Oct 08

Promotional Products for Pets

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Our furry friends are an important part of our lives. Cute and cuddly and an extension of our family - supporting us in our sorrows and doubling our joys. Pets are a huge part in many people’s lives and most owners love nothing more than spending time and money on them! People also just love [...]

Oct 07

When is Screen Printing Recommended?

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Apparel printing has been around for quite some time and, like any technology, advancements have been made beyond some of the original technologies like screen printing. Each printing technique has its benefits, but how effective and affordable are they? Today, we’re giving screen printing the spotlight for its long reign in the industry as well [...]

Oct 04

The Benefits of Promotional Products for Sports Teams

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Sports have always been a unifying force - binding people in the shared adrenaline rush of the game. Players love their sport and their team, so it makes sense that any opportunity to represent them will create excitement. Organizations everywhere are on the lookout for means to advertise their brand and promotional products are a [...]

Oct 03

Why Is Cotton the Most Popular Fabric?

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Cotton has been around for thousands of years and cultivated for many generations and purposes. This light and comfortable fabric is a huge part of our daily wear and is the world’s most commonly used natural fiber, despite being in the game even with new trendy materials and artificial alternatives. What makes cotton so special? [...]

Oct 01

Unique Band Merchandise

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Apparel is great start for band merch, and we can help you achieve some out of the box looks like tone on tone and that worn out look, but we’re here to shed light on some promotional product showstoppers for your band! Merchandise for the masses is a great method of increasing the visibility of [...]