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May 13


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Want to know what our best kept not-so-secret secret is? Metallic prints! What better way to show off your style and designs? Metallic heat transfer can instantly make your apparel and designs look glamorous and flashy in a tasteful way! People who are looking for a unique way to customize their shirts benefit from [...]

May 12

Best Online Tools To Create Custom Apparel Designs

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Looking to have customized apparel created? Well you’ve found us, so you’re off to a great start! The tricky part can sometimes be putting your apparel vision into visuals… and good looking ones! Here at Rogue Star, we can provide design services that aren’t just for a flat image, but for designs that wear. If [...]

May 12

The 411 On Embroidery

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Still thinking of embroidery as a granny’s hobby? We get it and we feel you, but we’re here to change your mind! There is no doubt that you’ve heard of or seen embroidered apparel and it’s recently resurfacing as another comeback trend in fashion. We’re here to tell you that embroidery is more than just [...]

May 10

Custom Apparel Ideas For Families

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Family bonds and family time are oh so special, so why not make the most of it? Tie your family together with custom apparel and not just your last name! Matching outfits will help you make together time an adventure and they make for great pictures and keepsakes. Here at Rogue Star, we want to [...]

May 02


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Looking to add that extra something to your apparel? Look no further! Relabelling your custom apparel can give it a complimentary touch. Custom labels are an easy addition that help your products and your brand image look more professional and help your clothing line stay competitive. Custom labels ensure that your products are ready to [...]