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Nov 13

Choosing the Right Font for your Design

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When you’re drafting up a logo, flyer, poster or t-shirt, if you’re using words, you’ll need to take some time to think about what font to use. This decision has not only a huge impact on legibility and style, but also the vibe you are trying to project with your design. A lot of this [...]

Nov 11

7 Reasons why Custom Apparel is a Great Marketing Tool

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Custom apparel is an easy and effective way to get your brand noticed! Here at Rogue Star, we create diverse styles, so that you can find something that works for you and your brand! Custom apparel is a great marketing tool that can be seen by potential customers or clients. Perfect for handing out to [...]

Nov 09


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Earlier this month, you may have started seeing men in your life sporting the beginnings of a patchy moustache. Whether it looks like a Tom Selleck, Charlie Chaplin, or somewhere in-between, it’s pretty likely he’s sporting the ‘stache in support of Movember. Movember started 15 years ago when two friends in Australia decided they were [...]