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Jun 30

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Sports Apparel

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Different people wear different kinds of workout clothes. Some feel more comfortable in just normal t-shirts and shorts, while others wear sweatshirts and sweatpants. What you wear as you sweat it out may vary depending on what kind of workout you are doing, or what sport you play. Regardless of what the workout is for, [...]

Jun 25

How the Right Sports Apparel Prevents Sports Injuries

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The moment you walk into the gym, or glance around as you jog through the park, you see so many people doing the same thing that you are. The moment you decide to take better notice of your surroundings however, you’ll also realize that there are so many differences when it comes to what people [...]

Jun 23

How to Show Personality through Custom Design Skateboards

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There is no doubt at all that skateboarding is something that lets anyone’s personality shine through. The way that you fly through the air as if suspended against gravity highlights how free-spirited you truly are, and how you believe that you are not bound by the usual norms that precede normal day-to-day living. This is [...]

Jun 18

Why is the Sports Apparel Market a Good Investment Now?

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You’ve probably been living under a rock the past few years if you did not notice the huge jump in people’s awareness when it comes to fitness and health. It’s everywhere! From the apps that you can download on your smartphone, to wearables that allow you to keep track of how your entire body works, [...]

Jun 16

What are Some Great Ideas for Father’s Day Shirts?

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This weekend, people all over the world will once again celebrate the hard work and dedication that fathers have shown for their families. So it would definitely be time to bring out that list of great father’s day gift ideas once again. If you truly want to tell your dad how awesome you think he is, [...]

Jun 11

How Can Custom Sports Apparel Improve a Team’s Performance?

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When it comes to sports, there are a number of factors that come into play for an athlete or a team to emerge as the champion. Although majority of these factors revolve around the players and the coaching staff, did you know that custom sports apparel also helps improve the performance of the team? If [...]

Jun 09

How to Show Your Personality through Custom Hats and Headwear?

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Hats and headwear can be a type of head protection, a piece of fashion statement, or both. From the most casual event (sports can used during the NBA finals) to the most glamorous celebration (Philip Treacy fascinators used during William and Kate’s Royal Wedding), hats and headwear showcase the personality of the wearer. It’s not [...]

Jun 02

Have Banner Ads Been Replaced by Digital Advertising?

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Businesses big and small have always relied on banners strategically strewn around town to catch the attention of their intended audiences. As technology blossomed, these banner ads have also become even more detailed and intricate, becoming even more appealing to anyone who sees them. So when you hear someone say that the banner ads that [...]

Jun 01

June 2015 Special : Polo shirts for only $20

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45% off polo shirts until June 30 Just $20, these Extreme - Eperformance Pique polo shirts have UV protection, moisture wicking and antimicrobial features making them the fit perfect for spring or summer. Shop our large assortment of colours -  available in men and women's styles  and wide range of sizes. Price includes one colour, and your [...]