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May 28

How Sports Team Apparel Motivates Sporty Kids

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Kids are a bunch of people who could use a little motivation from adults (read: parents) especially in starting extracurricular activities that could make them want to leave their video games behind temporarily during the day. For parents, getting kids hooked on physical activities not only helps them evangelize fitness and health, but also gives [...]

May 26

How to Raise Funds for Your Team’s Sports Apparel

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If your sports team is in need of new sports apparel, give fundraising a shot. The team can do an array of exciting and interesting activities to make the fundraising program a huge hit with both the young and old crowd. The more impressive and fun you can make your fundraiser, the more lucrative it [...]

May 21

How to Market Your Brand through Corporate Giveaways

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On today’s detail-intensive culture, it’s a challenge for any business to draw in prospective buyers. That's why effective advertising is so critical to execute. It's a good thing that corporate giveaways provide a distinctive opportunity to get your brand out to its target audience. The promo items that you pick are only restricted by your [...]

May 19

How Sports Apparel Technology Helps to Reduce Sweating

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All of us deal with sweating, especially when we're working out. Perspiring is the body’s way of cooling itself down. This fact is a foremost consideration of companies that produce sports apparel. The technology of fitness clothing has made great progress from the baggy sweatshirts and neon-colored leg warmers of the past decades. Nowadays, people [...]

May 14

How Important are Banners and Posters for Advertising?

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Every business understands that without proper advertisement, making a name for themselves is practically impossible to achieve. There are numerous techniques a company can do to promote its business to its potential customers without having to shell out a lot of money. Probably the most versatile and cost-effective medium of marketing is using banners and [...]

May 12

What is a Moisture Wicking Fabric?

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Modern fabric technology has made great strides to help people, especially those who have an active lifestyle, keep cool. In fact, this new technology has developed into a significant trend in the sports apparel market. One of the most popular types of this new type of fabric is the moisture wicking fabric that is being [...]

May 06

May 2015 – Don’t miss offers on custom athletic wear

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Play in style with custom athletic wear Even if you don't win the game, you can play with style! Starting at only $98, these limited time offers on customized Gildan or Russell Athletic Wear will make you a winner! See below and choose from hoodies, sweatshirts, dry-fit tees, fleece track pants and more. Ready to buy or want to know more? [...]

May 05

What are the Benefits of Wide Format Prints to Small Businesses?

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Wide format prints, also known as large format prints, refer to images or designs that are printed on a sheet of paper that is 24 inches or wider. These images are printed using a specialized large format printer. The printers are so distinctive that based on a recent survey, only 24% of those who own [...]