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Oct 31

How to Revive Dying Tees through T-Shirt Surgery

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The classic t-shirt never goes out of style, but it can get pushed down your list of favorite closet items for a number of reasons. Your baggy shirts when you were ten pounds heavier, those that you bought just because they’re on sale, and even your dad’s vintage band shirts can get back in the [...]

Oct 23

How to Choose the Best Printing Methods for Your Projects

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Two of the best printing methods you can choose from are embossing and debossing. Both of these methods work great for vinyl, paper, and leather. Embossing raises the image on your material using a die made out of copper, magnesium, or brass. The pressure is applied to the back side of the material to give [...]

Oct 23

What Makes Customized Sports Team Apparel Design Important?

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In a populated and aggressive industry of sports, the right design for a customized sports team apparel helps create identity. By acting on the pride and emotions of the team's fan base, sports team design plays a vital role in reaching old fans and gaining new ones. Customizing and creating a design for a sports [...]

Oct 21

What Makes Promotional Merchandise a Great Marketing Strategy?

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Promotional merchandise is commonly a regular item that's emblazoned or printed with the message, logo or a unique style that distinguishes a family, organization, or business. Companies and groups often distribute these marketing items to staff, clients, and potential customers to boost awareness of the brand, product and/or service. Practical or ornamental, promotional items are [...]

Oct 16

October 2014 – Toques and Beanies

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Standing out from the crowd is tough if you wear the same things they do. In such a scenario, you are essentially wearing camouflage and while that might be comfortable, it does absolutely nothing for your self-expression and uniqueness. Here at Roguestar, we know what it is like to blend in but we enjoy standing [...]

Oct 16

How to Make Banner Printing More Effective

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The primary goal in banner printing is to catch attention. To get your message to your target audience effectively, they must first become interested in looking at your banner. However, since people are getting busier these days, and there is always some other form of distraction to compete with, getting your banners noticed is becoming [...]

Oct 15

Holy Shatner Tour – Bulk T-Shirt Discounts

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  Get BIG DISCOUNTS when you buy in bulk. 25 T-shirts for $188 plus tax (that’s $7.52 each) 50 T-shirts for $325 plus tax (that’s $6.50 each) 100 T-shirts for $575 plus tax (that’s $5.75 each... WOW) Details: Sizes - small, medium, large, extra large On a quality cotton white t-shirt (select only) Single 12” [...]

Oct 14

What’s the Best T-shirt Material for Your Customized Tee?

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Why is it important to know the best t-shirt material for your digitally printed tee? And what are the different kinds of fabrics that can be used for digital printing? To start with, it’s important that you know how digital printing works so you can make an informed decision when you order a customized shirt [...]

Oct 14

What are the Different T-shirt Printing Methods?

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T-shirt printing is a process done when you want to add some flair to a plain, ordinary shirt. With it, you can fully customize the design you want on your shirt. Do you want to add some cute graphics? A strong statement? Your name or company name, perhaps? There are a lot of things you [...]

Oct 09

What are the Different Business Card Techniques in Printing?

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Business cards are indispensable in the world of business because they make it so easy for people to get in touch you. However, you should also keep in mind that business cards aren’t just like rectangles of paper that hold your contact details; they can affect how people see you and the business that you [...]