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Aug 28

Sell Your Own Company Branded Apparel

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In this day and age, companies and businesses usually need to resort to the most unusual or eye-catching campaigns for them to catch the attention of their target market. Some companies even go as far as to have a daredevil jump from a spacecraft that was in orbit and others pay millions to post their [...]

Aug 26

How Customized T-Shirts Online Could be the Best Gifts Ever

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Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions become a bit challenging just because it can be really hard to think of a great gift to give every single year. This can be a problem if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to be like everybody else, and would like your gifts to be something [...]

Aug 19

How Cheap Custom T-Shirts Can Help Your Business

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Building a following for your business can be done in so many ways, some of them more obvious than you think. In the height of the attention given to social media marketing, some business owners forget the other conventional ways that could complement other marketing strategies they have in place, failing to get the maximum results. [...]

Aug 14

What is Batik Printing?

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Batik is a method for producing designs on fabric with the use of wax resist. In Javanese tradition, wax is used to paint the shirt which is bathed in dye afterwards. The result is a shirt tainted with the color of the dye except on parts where there is wax. What makes batik printing look [...]

Aug 12

What Are The Most Famous Statement Tees?

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Statement t-shirts don’t always have to have a statement in the form of words. What makes a statement tee as such is the fact that it’s easy to recognize wherever you go and that it tells a little something about the person wearing it. Some of the most famous statement tees of all time have [...]

Aug 07

Where to Look for Ideas for Custom T-Shirt Designs

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Custom t-shirt designs don’t come easily for many. It needs a lot of contemplation and some ideas from other sources. Whether you’re trying to come up with a t-shirt design for only yourself or for a group of friends, you can come up with unique ideas from the following: Favorite colors and fonts – For [...]

Aug 05

What are Some Easy Tie Dye Techniques?

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Tie dyeing is one of the most common methods of printing on shirts. But did you know that apart from circle patterns, you can also tie dye in various other methods? There are many different techniques you can use to come up with a great variation of designs for your tie dyed creations. Here are [...]