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Jul 31

What are Some Helpful Crayon T-Shirt Printing Tips?

By | July 31st, 2014|Custom T-Shirt Printing|0 Comments

There are many methods of T-shirt printing but one that can be fun and give a fresh change on how you normally print on shirts is crayon t-shirt printing. It may sound very elementary, using crayons for printing on a shirt, but if you want a quick and easy method of transferring prints onto your [...]

Jul 29

Why Choose Organic Screen Printing?

By | July 29th, 2014|Custom T-Shirt Printing|0 Comments

Do you know that the synthetic dyes used in your clothing are extremely harmful not just to you but the environment as well? Those dyes contain harmful chemicals that might just irritate your skin and the worst part is the way they are made results in lots of pollution and toxic runoff that end up [...]

Jul 24

What are the Benefits and Qualities of Bamboo Fabric Shirts?

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Bamboo is known as one of the most resilient plants. Because of its fast growth and durable properties, there is an abundance of bamboo and it has been used for many different purposes. Apart from being used as a form of wood for construction and a good food source, bamboo fabric shirts are now making [...]

Jul 22

Why Choose Eco-friendly T-Shirt Printing and Fabrics?

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If you read the news or watch television shows, you will notice that there is a growing eco-friendly awareness going on and this is a great thing. People really should make the move to take better care of the earth and eco-friendly products make it easy to lead comfortable lives and be good to the [...]

Jul 17

What is Hemp T-shirt Printing?

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The t-shirt printing business is always looking for ways to innovate in terms of designs and materials. This constant need to innovate and bring new things into the market has led into the development of hemp t-shirt printing and more and more people are getting in on it. If you have never heard of hemp [...]

Jul 15

How to Order Custom Stagette Tees and Why

By | July 15th, 2014|Custom T-Shirt Printing|0 Comments

What do you need for your bachelorette or “stagette” party as some like to call it? Of course, you will need the bride to be ready since the party is for her; you may also want to call on a professional stripper service if you plan on making it a night to remember. Some alcohol might [...]

Jul 10

How to Use Homemade Screen Printing Materials

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Do you want shirts that are custom-made to suit your own style and your own personality? If that is the case, you can order custom-printed shirts that look awesome or you can make your own. Now, you might feel leery about printing your own shirts because that is strictly for artists and pros, right? Well, [...]

Jul 08

How to Make Screen Prints with Basic Screen Printing Tools

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One of the easiest ways to put prints on your shirt or other fabric materials is through screen printing. The ancient Chinese have been using screen printing tools since they discovered this art of printing on fabric, and not much has changed since then. If you want to know how to make screen prints at [...]

Jul 03

What’s Up with Pitt’s New T-shirt Design?

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We always depend on celebrities to give us advice for the latest fashion finds. Since they have the power to start a fashion revolution, people in the fashion industry are always on the look out on what they have presented to the table. The fashion world is full of critics, and they can either say [...]

Jul 01

Why are Custom Printed Uniforms Important?

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Business owners and companies have uniforms for their employees – especially in the world of sales and services. Custom uniform designs may seem like a small thing, but this subtle effort from business owners actually impacts their name as well as how their employees see themselves. With uniforms that have custom prints, there are advantageous [...]